The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh for Rs.159

The Accidental Prime MinisterFew days ago, I was reading news paper and find a cartoon there, that was the time when Academy Awards were announced and in that cartoon it was mentioned that our three big politician were floating in the air (representing the success of the Oscar wining movie "gravity) and one person on the ground showing similarity with our PM was appearing very happy with a trophy in his hand and it was mentioned 10 years a slave (representing the 10 years tenure of Dr. Singh as PM in NDA1 and NDA2). On that day I smiled but after reading this book, I do not have smile on my face but little bit happiness (I do not know why?) and sympathy for Dr. Singh. Before reading this book, I have an opinion that Dr. Singh has disgraced his dignity and strength, for the loyalty for Gandhi family but now since the facts have come out in an unfashionable manner, I am happy that at least he was not fully comfortable with what he was doing since last 10 years as PM of this country. The book has been written in very interesting manner, You will find that you are reading a TV serial and good thing is that this book talks about the people who are alive and are with us in the politics of the country. Well the timing of this book is slight late, I wish the things mentioned in this book could have been discussed publicly before the election. I know opposition will try to make its own benefit from the content of the book but the thing is that we all know that the power switch of the government was not in the hand of Dr. Manmohan Singh but in the hand of other person. I am sure that now Dr. Singh will be feeling relaxed, as this is something that even he would be thinking to make public for keeping his position clear. But again the last question from Dr. Singh, why you allowed this all rubbish to happen ? --Abhishek Shankhdhar Apr 12, 2014

Anyone calling this book work of fiction are living in a fictional world. Most of the things written, I could personally recall reading them in newspaper. The most curious part comes in the end and that's the nuclear deal. I had made some predictions and assumption about the deal.. which turned out mostly were correct. The book is very engaging, well written. People trying to figure out some intimate secrets about the PMO would be slightly disappointed, since most of the things are in public domain. --Chaitannya Mahatme Apr 20, 2014

Well, you would be, both, surprised and, not-surprised, after you read this. One side you will find a person who has risen from ashes, and achieved something unique and exceptional while striving as a nobody. You will applaud the compassion Mr. Singh has shown till 1991 and the kind of respect he gathered from his peers as associates. This book, very neatly, describes how a person with so high, an integrity and learning, succumbs to an authority, who intellectually, is nothing but miniscule when kept beside Mr. Singh, and while she remained dominating, how Mr. Singh remained unresponsive and numb to even raise his voice. Being a PM has always remained a matter of supreme pride and honor and responsibility, and as a citizen with a serious interest in Indian Polity, I have never seen any torch bearer of my country so incapacitated and helpless. He deserves this blame, as it was his duty to overcome such aggression and recognize what he remained for these 10 years. An Accidental, Numb PM. --Amrit Ravi Apr 24, 2014

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