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The Central Compilation and Translation Publishing House Hosted the Premiere of ‘Respecting and Protecting Human Rights’ in its Chinese-French Edition in Paris

BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On February 29, the international launch event of the Chinese-French edition of "Xi Jinping on Respecting and Protecting Human Rights," published by the Central Compilation and Translation Publishing House, along with a seminar titled "Insights from China on Global Human Rights Governance," took place successfully in Paris.

Distinguished attendees included Mr. Chen Dong, the acting head of the Chinese Embassy in France, and Mr. Jean-Christophe Bas, the leader of the European Research Institute for a Community with Shared Future. The event saw participation from over 60 influencers from the political, economic, and cultural sectors of both China and France.

Mr. Chen Dong highlighted that the publication encapsulates a collection of President Xi Jinping's perspectives on human rights, showcasing China's approach to prioritizing human welfare and its longstanding cultural ethos of valuing people first. It comprehensively outlines China's stance and initiatives in the realm of global human rights governance, offering an authoritative resource for those interested in China's human rights viewpoint.

Mr. Jean-Christophe Bas pointed out the establishment of a Franco-Chinese platform for human rights dialogue, aimed at finding commonalities amidst differences and setting new, shared standards and values, thereby paving the way for collaborative global governance. Hervé Azoulay, affiliated with the Silk Road Business School in France and a former executive at Schneider Electric, noted the publication's emphasis on China's commitment to prioritizing its citizens and its efforts towards achieving widespread prosperity. Jean Pégouret, head of Saphir Eurasia Promotion in France, remarked on the alignment of China's human rights journey with its national conditions and highlighted the tangible progress made in this area, underscoring the diversity in human rights perspectives and development models.

The event was conducted both in person and virtually, orchestrated by the Central Compilation and Translation Publishing House and supported by the China International Book Trading Corporation and Guanghua Culture and Media Company.


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