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The Elephant Project Introduces Lulu: The Newest Addition to The Elephant Project’s SaveUs Collection™, Advocating for Dog Rescues Worldwide

Inspired by the Women at Slaughterhouse Survivors, Proceeds from Lulu’s Sales Will be Used to Support Local and International Animal Rescue Initiatives as well as Dogs in Chinese Slaughterhouses

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#adoptdontshop--The Elephant Project, a female-founded philanthropic toy company, is proud to announce that it has unveiled the latest addition to its SaveUs Collection™ - Lulu, a lovable plush dog with a mission to raise awareness and funds for rescuing dogs in need. Lulu stands at an adorable 8 inches, alongside her plush companions, Kiki, Tembo, Chaba, and Oba, as the newest addition to the Elephant Project’s plush animal family. The launch of Lulu represents the company’s efforts to make a tangible and meaningful difference in the lives of dogs in rescues and shelters across the United States and beyond.

“I hope that with the introduction of Lulu and the animals before her, we can encourage a compassionate mindset in people of all ages, fostering empathy and nurturing a sense of responsibility for animals in need,” said Kristina McKean, Founder and visionary behind The Elephant Project. “I passionately urge everyone to consider adopting or fostering dogs from shelters. With an array of beautiful pups of every breed seeking homes, we truly have the power to make a meaningful difference by providing these precious animals with a safe and loving environment.”

Kristina was profoundly moved by the remarkable efforts of the women at Slaughterhouse Survivors, an organization dedicated to aiding dogs affected by the harrowing meat trade in China. Fueled by this inspiration, McKean resolved to channel resources and awareness towards these dogs and their counterparts worldwide. With Lulu's unveiling, The Elephant Project solidifies its commitment to creating change on a global scale.

“Creating Lulu and others before her was no easy task. We constantly strive for quality and focus on detail with every creation. We hope her release prompts us all to remember the importance of adopting and fostering, ultimately contributing to a brighter future for dogs who make incredible companions,” continued McKean.

Priced at just $39, Lulu proudly bears the message "Adopt, Don't Shop" on her hangtag. She will make a loveable and huggable gift, especially for toddlers and babies. Her removable dress was designed by local Los Angeles designer, Carlo Gholami, at Couture the Clothing Co. Additionally, her logo was designed by the talented Pedro de la Cruz. Take a look and purchase here: https://www.theelephantproject.com/

About the Elephant Project

The Elephant Project is a female-founded philanthropic toy company that has successfully helped save hundreds of elephants worldwide by donating proceeds from hand-designed stuffed animals to aligned organizations that directly benefit the toys’ real-world counterparts. Founded by Kristina McKean in 2017 after a lingering firsthand encounter with neglected baby elephants in Thailand, The Elephant Project launched its first cuddly products and accompanying educational materials out of Santa Barbara, CA. By donating 100% of net proceeds from any purchase to trusted organizations that help fight the poaching crisis and provide care to injured, abandoned, orphaned, and abused elephants (including The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Elephant Nature Park, The Elephant Cooperation and Trunks Up Foundation), The Elephant Project assures customers that their money is making a significant contribution and direct impact on the lives of elephants at home and abroad. To date, Kristina and The Elephant Project have helped aid in the rescue and protection of hundreds of elephants, while fostering numerous orphaned elephants and delighting families the world over with their adorable Kiki, Tembo and Baby Chaba plushies.

To learn more, make a purchase, or initiate a donation, please visit www.theelephantproject.com and/or follow on socials: Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.


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