The Final Version of WinRAR 5.70 is Here and Ready for Download

Potential security vulnerability warning & Drop of ACE archive format support.

Berlin, Germany, March 02, 2019 --( win.rar GmbH and are pleased to announce the final release of WinRAR 5.70. The new release focuses on usability enhancements as well as on the removal of ACE support which was necessary, due to a potential security risk arising through corrupted ACE archives.

WinRAR has always been known for its wide support of all popular compression formats. A recent report by Check Point Software revealed a potential security vulnerability in the UNACEV2.DLL library, which was used in former versions of WinRAR to decompress ACE archives. There haven't been any reported attacks so far, but to provide WinRAR users with a stable and clean version, the final version of WinRAR 5.70 has been released. Since UNACEV2.DLL had not been updated since 2005 and access to its source code is not available, the decision was made to drop ACE archive support starting with WinRAR 5.70. Now, after the launch of the final and stable version of WinRAR 5.70, upgrading immediately to the new 5.70 version is highly recommended.

To users who are not interested in an upgrade or who don't find a localized version of WinRAR 5.70 yet, win.rar GmbH�s advice is to delete the UNACEV2.DLL file from their current WinRAR version to be reliably protected again. All users of WinRAR 5.10 or any newer version can find the UNACEV2.DLL file in the WinRAR program folder. WinRAR users of versions older than 5.10, can find the UNACEV2.DLL file in the Formats subfolder of the WinRAR program.

Working with the different file time stamps of Windows

WinRAR users now have the option of working with the different file time stamps that Windows offers. It is possible to choose file times based on modification, creation or last access when compressing data with the "Files to process" option on the "Time" page of the archiving dialog. This can be extremely useful especially when creating back-ups with WinRAR. In addition, WinRAR file list can now display the creation time and last access file times if they are available, providing more information to the user.

Usability Enhancements

Feature requests are regularly received from users and customers, and are implemented in the upcoming versions whenever possible. Now, the user can modify the behavior of the option, "Put each file to separate archive" of the "Files" page by the two new options "Double extensions for archives" and "Archives in Subfolders.� This way, back-up options are further enhanced and the user can sort the data based upon their requirements.

The new "Files list/Files/Exact sizes" option allows the user to see the file size displayed in bytes when it is turned on. If it is turned off, the sizes are rounded up and shown in KB or MB. In addition the "File list/List Style/Checkboxes" option allows the use of checkboxes to select file list items and is further improving usability of the software.

All enhancements and improvements mentioned above are also available in the command line version of WinRAR.

The users can find a complete list of all improvements and all bug-fixes here:

WinRAR 5.70 64-bit can be downloaded at

WinRAR 5.70 32-bit can be downloaded at

WinRAR is available in more than 40 languages and is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Windows Vista. For all Android users, the RAR App is available on Google Play. The command line version of WinRAR is also available for Linux, FreeBSD and MAC OS X.

About WinRAR:
WinRAR is the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows version of RAR Archiver, the powerful archiver and archive manager. RAR files can, in most cases, contain content up to 30 percent more effectively compressed than within ZIP files. The most notable functions of WinRAR include very powerful document and multimedia file compression, file encryption, processing of other archive formats, programmable self-extracting (SFX) archives, damaged archive repair and Unicode support.

About win.rar GmbH:
win.rar GmbH has been the official distributor of WinRAR and RARLAB products since February 2002 and handles all support, marketing and sales functions related to WinRAR & RARLAB.COM. win.rar GmbH is registered in Germany, and is represented worldwide by local partners in more than 70 countries on six continents. win.rar�s declared objective is to provide first-class quality support and to optimize its software to meet customers' requirements in accordance with their valued feedback. For more information about WinRAR and win.rar GmbH please visit our website at

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