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The First Aollywood International TV Series Festival�the Golden Daylily Awards Announced the Winners in Macao, China

�Da zhai men,� �Awakening Age� and 50 other TV Series won the National Best TV Series Awards

MACAO, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Aollywood--The first Aollywood International TV Series Festivalthe Golden Daylily Awards Announced the winners in Wynn Palace. The awards committee presidents are famous Chinese director Zheng Xiaolong, famous screenwriter Hao Mantang, and famous actor Chen Baoguo. The 100 committee members of the Aollywood TV Series Director Association, the Aollywood TV Series Screenwriter Association and the Aollywood TV Series Actor Association evaluated and selected the nominees. Gao Mantang, the president of Aollywood International TV Series Festival, said, �2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the committees decided the theme is "Tribute to the classics". The awards selection focuses on the outstanding national TV Series in the history of the Chinese TV industry. It is intended to show the world the brilliant achievements of the party and the industry since the founding of the Communist Party of China a hundred years ago, especially over the past 40 years of the Chinese Economic Reform.�

There are 50 TV Series that won the National Best TV Series Awards, including, �Four Generations Under One Roof,� �Ke Wang,� �Chuang guan dong,� �Da zhai men,� �Soldiers Sortie,� �The Legendary Tavern,� �Minning Town,� and �Awakening Age.� �Da Juezhan� and �The Glory and the Dream� won the Annual Awards. Chen Daoming won the Best Actor and Zhang Kaili won the Best Actress. Wang Haige and Liu Yanming won the Special Contribution Awards.

Golden Daylily Awards

It is a Aollywood International TV Series Festival held annually and registered in Macao and based in Guangdong�Hong Kong�Macao Greater Bay Area of ??China. The awards' name came from a story about the ancient Chinese who, before going on a long journey, would plant some daylilies under the steps of the north hall, so their family would be looking at it when they miss their children. Therefore, daylilies were later used to symbolize missing and caring. Therefore, the Golden Daylily Awards symbolizes the special history and culture of Macao and the system advantages of "One Country, Two Systems" in China.


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