The importance of safety boots

Heavy duty footwear including steel toe boots are known as PPE (personal protective equipment) in the workplace and are designed to protect the wearer from hazards. There are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing a pair of safety boots.

In addition to their durability, safety boots are also able to provide extra traction, heat resistance, shock absorption, water resistance, and arch support and slip resistance. A hazard assessment should be carried out in order to determine the types of risk that are particularly prevalent in a particular workplace so as to identify the correct safety boots to wear. 

There are a number of reasons why wearing safety boots in the workplace is every bit as important as wearing protective boots or eyewear. 

Protection from flying or falling objects

In some work environments workers may be required to carry heavy materials or make use of heavy vehicles or other machinery, and wearing protective safety boots with steel toes serves to protect feet from injuries that could be caused by heavy objects that fall or fly through the air. A good pair of safety boots can prevent a worker from being injured and save a company a lot of money in compensation. 

Protection from puncture or penetration by sharp objects

In some workplace situations employees will need to work with sharp objects that have been laid out on the floor and they will often come into contact with these objects. In situations such as these safety boots with thick anti-penetrative materials and heavy duty thick soles are able to provide the best protection, protecting the foot’s sole and its surroundings from being penetrated or punctured by sharp objects. 

Protection from cutting machinery

Sharp machinery that chop or cut items with their sharp moving parts, such as chainsaws, can be hazardous for workers. The good news is that there are safety boots known as logging boots that are specifically designed with material that is resistant to cutting to ensure that workers operating such machinery are protected. 

Protection from electricity

Numerous risks in the workforce are posed by electrical hazards or an accumulation of static. Workers in such environments risk being electrocuted or causing disastrous electric sparks. However electric shocks can be prevented by wearing safety boots that are made from non-conductive material such as leather or rubber. 

In circumstances where it is important to prevent the build-up of static, wearing anti-static safety boots will cut down on the amount of static accumulated by the body. 

Preventing falling, slipping and tripping

Extra precautions need to be taken in the workplace to prevent falls, slips and trips, common occurrences that represent the majority of workplace accidents. Wearing the correct safety boots with increased traction and anti-slip will protect workers from falling, slipping or tripping in potentially dangerous environments, as well as preventing employees from falling off ladders.

While there are a number of multi-purpose safety boots on the market, it is important to know the risks you are likely to encounter in the workplace in order to choose the right pair for you. For more information and to browse options, RS Components can help you find your next pair.

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