The Italian actor Raphael Schumacher dies after hanging scene goes wrong

The Italian actor Raphael SchumacherIn the courtyard of the Teatro Lux, a theater in Pisa, Italy, the performance of an experimental production last weekend offered an unusual spectacle.

The play, called Mirages, was not performed from a stage, but throughout the theatre by different actors in different places. The audience moved through the play as one might move through a gallery.

But all went horribly wrong. An actor monologue in which he simulated hooked accidentally or deliberately hang himself in front of one audience member.

Police launched an investigation into the incident is to say they are trying to determine if the proper safety procedures were in place.

According to the Italian news agency ANSA, four people are under investigation for manslaughter in the death of the actor.

Schumacher played in a production of experimental theater in the Teatro Lux court of Pisa when an audience member remarked that the rope around his neck was too tight.

The head of the actor was covered at the time, but the viewer - a female medical graduate - trembling seen and realized that something was wrong. She ran to him, loosen the grip, and with the help of another witness, it lowered to the ground. He was taken to hospital shortly after. Later in hospital he was declared dead.

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