The New Egyptian Postal Code –

Egypt has launched a new postal code system, which is dividing the entire country into very small regions, the challenge is how to get your postal code within this new system.

Cairo, Egypt, August 17, 2020 --( Since the start of the year 2020, the Egyptian post has launched a new postal code system to align with worldwide standards.

This new system differs from the old system in the core of how it's identifying the postal code, for example the old system was depending on the post offices to segment the entire country based on the available number of post offices, and your postal code is the nearest post office post code.

That way of segmenting created a lot of issues due to the massive area covered by one post office, and identifying the accurate address was a challenge by its meaning.

The solution was to create a whole new mechanism of identifying the postal code, where the entire country was segmented into a very small polygons, and every polygon has its own seven digits postal code.

This approach fixed long living issues such as accurate address navigation and e-commerce delivery challenges.

With the emerge of this new system, there was a need for an easy way of identifying the postal code, so Deploy2Cloud worked it out and introduced their platform to get the Egyptian postal code easily which is

This platform will help you easily to get your postal code by just clicking one button and allow the access to your location.

To visit the Egyptian Postal Code platform, please go to the following link:

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