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The Opening of the 4th International Rendanheyi Model Forum: Witness How Haier�s Model Lights up the Epochal Stage

QINGDAO, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On September 20, the 4th International Rendanheyi Model Forum was opened at the Qingdao International Convention Center. This year�s Forum themed on "Autopoiesis and Coevolution" and explored the management paradigm changes in the Internet of Things (IoT) era.

In today's world, there is no single solution that can meet the needs of all users. Therefore, companies must become more flexible. During the pandemic, even Fujitsu, a transnational giant that covers three areas � semiconductors, computer communications, and software outsourcing services, has been under enormous pressure. To confront the challenges, Fujitsu in the Western European market region implemented transformation through Rendanheyi Model six months ago this year and has won a number of new orders. As its vice president of the cloud business believes, these results would not have been possible without such a transformation.

Rendanheyi Model, because of its much too advanced nature in organizational innovations, had been not well understood by the external world for a long time. However, its outstanding performance during the Covid-19 outbreak has made the global business community widely aware of its advantages.

At the end of February this year, when the majority of Chinese manufacturers just started to resume production, Haier plants had fully resumed production capacities. In this year�s second quarter, U.S. GDP fell by more than 30% compared with last year, but Haier GEA achieved double-digit growth. Also, Haier Japan has achieved counter-trend growth, with its share in the freezer market ranked first.

Over the past 15 years, Rendanheyi Model has been iterating, but its key value that "human value comes first" has never changed. Rendanheyi Model has absorbed the advanced elements of management models formulated by four Western scholars, including Ilya Prigogine, the Nobel laureate in Chemistry, W. Brian Arthur, the founder of "Complexity Economics", Danah Zohar, the founder of "Quantum Management" theory, and James F. Moore, the "business ecosystem" theorist.

Haier's original management tools, such as "EMC Contract Ecosystem Chart�, �Rendanheyi Scorecard�, and �Win-win Value-added Statement�, are established according to the progress and requirements of the times. In Zhang Ruimin's words, they "absorb the pollen of the times and brew the honey of the age". Zhang firmly believes that everyone�s abilities are infinite, and all have profound potentials.

Thanks to its valuing of human nature, Rendanheyi Model is bound to be recorded in the history of management thoughts.



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