The PURE Collection Natural, Organic And Pure is About To Launch Their New Brand PURE Today

The PURE Collection Natural, Organic And Pure is About To Launch Their New Brand PURE Today

Creating beauty naturally from the world's finest exotic organic oils

Online PR News – 05-February-2018

The PURE Collection is a unique luxury beauty brand.  Inspired by the power of nature at its purest, it offers an alternative approach to premium skincare. The PURE Collection is at the forefront of cosmetic and scientific design, working with world-leading experts to craft all-natural, organic products from the finest, purest oils and other high quality ingredients offered up by the earth’s natural resources.  

The PURE Collection’s in-house Aromatherapist scours the world sourcing natural plant-based organic ingredients, guaranteeing the highest level of quality and traceability.  He selects only the most effective, natural, purest ingredients, formulating high-performance beauty products to deliver visible results.  


PURE embodies luxury, sophistication and elegance, with a simple mission: to cultivate and enhance overall wellness of the spirit, mind and body, through the use of organic natural oils.  They are carefully combined to work harmoniously together, to maintain healthy, beautiful skin and enhance the overall experience of using them. The PURE Collection values are vital for achieving the brand mission, with authenticity and transparency at the core of everything.  


All of The PURE Collection products are hand made in small batches. The oils come directly from nature and are not altered in any way other than how nature intended them to be. They are also controlled fully from start to finish. This means that The PURE Collection is one of the world’s few beauty brands to have fully certified organic products, reaffirming the truth of what being certified organic really means.  

Unlike many organic skincare products, The PURE Collection uses a meticulous and highly rigorous authenticity testing process and controls production from the very beginning to the final finished product, which guarantees the skincare benefits delivered by each of the oils.  Criteria for fully certified organic products are:

·100% of the ingredients must be natural

·100% of these natural ingredients must be organic to be labelled ‘100% organic’

·95% at least of these natural ingredients must be organic to be labelled ‘organic’    


All of The PURE Collection products are organic with the majority of their products certified 99% Organic and higher.  Products are NEVER produced below this certification.  All packaging elements are 100% recyclable. Nothing is ever tested on animals and the company does not work with any third party which does so either.  This means that the brand is excluded from certain countries where animal testing may be needed for registration.  


Four luxury organic pure and natural serums are currently launching on   

-Organic Prickly Pear Serum is a luxuriant and effective multifunctional cold pressed serum, great for all types of skin. It moisturises and softens skin, brightens under-eye circles, restores elasticity and neutralises free radicals which cause signs of aging.

-Organic Intense Serum with Prickly Pear, Sea Buckthorn & Rose Otto contains all the recuperative properties of some of the world’s rarest oils.  It is formulated as a preventative skin care serum to provide intense nutrition to your skin, giving it a brighter, tighter and better looking appearance.

-Organic Revitalising Serum with Prickly Pear, Tamanu & Marine Phytoplankton is rich in antioxidants, nutrients, essential fatty acids and vitamins and is formulated as a reparative serum to repair tissue damage, prevent moisture loss, combat flaky skin, calm irritation and reduce inflammation.  

-Organic Beard Oil formulated to nourish and protect facial hair and moisturise the skin beneath. It contains rare and exotic oils including pure authentic Oud which is the most expensive and exotic essential oil in the world. No imitations, fragrances or essences. Only pure authentic Oud oil.  

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