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The Resurrection of the Classic Digimon Masterpiece, Digimon RPG to Launch in North America on July 22

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Alphamon--Digimon RPG, a familiar game also known as the Digimon Battle Online, is returning. Digimon RPG, a Digimon game serviced by Move Interactive, launches on July 22.

Notably, Move Interactive has already serviced “Digimon Masters” in North America successfully.

The company will provide users the opportunity to experience a new digital world through Digimon RPG, based on its experience with the success of Digimon Masters.

?What kind of game is Digimon RPG?

Digimon RPG is a turn-based role-playing game with the story of the “Digimon” Series, including “Digimon Tamers”.

Players can nurture and evolve various Digimon through the game, and form a team with the Digimon to battle with other players.

?Digimon World Travel with Mobile, “Digimon RPG Manager”

The game will give players the opportunity to capture and nurture more diverse Digimons with new designs, experiences, and improved skill effects since it’s coming back after a long time.

Move Interactive, a company specialized in Digimon, plans to release the mobile application “Digimon RPG Manager” with the launch of Digimon RPG, to provide information, mini-games, and attendance rewards for players in a mobile environment.

Using the app will give players the opportunity to obtain Omegamon and Alphamon evolution cards as the reward with a rare probability reward.

?When can we view Digimon RPG?

Digimon RPG is scheduled to launch on July 22, and pre-orders are available from July 15.

As a pre-order reward, various items for battle and training will be provided.

In addition, users who log in on the opening day can experience the free “Gasha-Pong” and other various other events as newcomers to the game.

Users who access the Digimon RPG world for the first time will receive a “V-mon”, which can be evolved into a powerful Digimon “Imperialdramon-Dragon mode” through the events to help them in early plays.

More details regarding pre-order events, content related to Digimon RPG, and communication between users can be found on the Digimon RPG official site (http://dro.gameking.com).

Please visit the website below to Pre-register by July 29th.



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