The Totally New System Version 2.0 of STARFISH Exchange Will Be Online Soon

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 21 August, 2020 - STARFISH
Exchange, which is the first Canadian token exchange platform focusing on
application, will officially be launched in China on 8th September, 2020. At
the same time, the totally new system version 2.0 of STARFISH Exchange, which
has been expected by millions of users will be online.

STARFISH Exchange focuses on the
era of blockchain 3.0. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, STARFISH Exchange
was founded on 8th September,
2019, by Jordan Bolton, known as a Canadian genius of blockchain technology.
STARFISH Exchange has been invested by famous blockchain funds, such as
Consensus Lab, Yotta Fund, and Old Tea Capital. It is the world's first
cryptocurrency exchange opening FIL?IPFS? transaction
pairs, and having
the most YTA ?YottaChain? transaction pairs,� which is the world's largest distributed
storage public chain. At present, the number of users of STARFISH Exchange has
reached several millions. Furthermore, through user experience and satisfaction
degree survey, it has received 99% users' recognition, which is the core
competitiveness STARFISH Exchange continues building. In addition to the
current achievements, STARFISH Exchange has successfully registered as a Money
Service Business (MSB), which is the world's first batch approved by the
country for cryptocurrency transactions. This is an important direction for
internationally illegal and regulatory operation of STARFISH Exchange, and it
is also a milestone of STARFISH Exchange.

The APP of STARFISH Exchange is named as STARFISH3 with deep
meanings. Starfish is an auspicious marine animal in the sea. STARFISH3 is
expected to be the leading trading platform containing tokens of blockchain
application projects, such as IPFS in the blockchain 3.0 era.

The system version 2.0 of STARFISH
Exchange will be online soon, and STARFISH Exchange will keep striving to build
a token exchange platform focusing on application. In order to continue
benefiting more users, STARFISH Exchange will be improving itself. We sincerely
invite millions users of STARFISH Exchange to be looking forward to.

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