These Indian Cities are Every Street Food Lover�s Paradise!

There is something about street food that cannot be compared to anything in the world- that lingering aroma that entices you from miles away, the visually appealing dishes that make your stomach grumble just at the mere sight of them and ofcourse the mouth smacking taste you can never get enough of from the first bite! Some people live to eat food and some live to eat street food.

India is a land that is a paradise for street food junkies and offers a variety of options. When travelling, check out these cities that are known for their street food offerings you absolutely cannot miss:

Vada Pav- Mumbai
Vada Pav
Vada Pav is famous throughout Maharashtra and Mumbai is known for offering these delicious Indian style burgers that offer an irresistible potato patty stuffed between two buns and smeared with red and green chutnies that make it absolutely hard to resist. Vada Pav has quickly gained popularity outside Maharashtra as well but what better place to try it than Mumbai itself? Be sure to catch any local Vada Pav guy and get your hands on this fiery treat you won�t be able to put down!

Kathi Rolls- Kolkata
Kathi Rolls
Kathi Rolls might be available in various nook and corners around India and quickly finding a place in the street food domain and have quickly escalated to a filling snack after a long day�s work. Kathi rolls are parathas wrapped with the goodness of veggies and a variety of stuffing ranging from paneer to chicken to just egg and cheese! The next time you�re hungry, go grab yourself a mouth-watering Kathi Roll and be sure to grab it when you visit Kolkata for which you can easily book tickets through makemytrip coupons for a convenient journey.

Aloo Tikki- Lucknow
Aloo Tikki
Lucknow is known for its culture and traditions and also for its relishing offering in the form of Aloo Tikki- potato patties perfectly sizzled in oil to a crispy brown and then drizzled with goodies- from mint chutney to saunth to yogurt and served with some chole and chopped onion. This is one dish you can eat on an evening stroll with the chilly winds making you crave for something hot and what better option than to gorge on some piping hot Aloo Tikkis. Be sure to eat them while they�re hot when visiting Lucknow!

Chole Bhature- Delhi
Chole Bhature
Although originally a Punjabi dish, Delhi streets can be seen flooded with chole Bhature stalls especially outside colleges and offices as it has become quite a favourite breakfast item among youngsters. Nothing beats the morning foggy chills in winters than eating freshly fried fluffy Bhature with yummy chole. When in Delhi after booking tickets easily through redbus coupons, make sure to pay a visit to a chole Bhature stall for some relishing goodness you won�t forget soon!

Mirchi Pakode- Hyderabad
Mirchi Pakode
Hyderabad is known for a lot of things Biryani and Bonda being on top of the list but Hyderabad also serves one of the best mirchi pakode found in India. Delicious green chillies are deep fried and sometimes carry other stuffing as well. Be warned- it is not for the weak hearted but once you get your hands on these appetizing bajji, it�ll be hard to resist even if your eyes water with the heat!

India truly is a land with a lot to offer especially when it comes to food. Be sure to get your hands on these tempting street food offerings from across India that will surely have you coming back for more!

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