These top 6 Drops will Keep you healthy

Monsoon is here. Stay healthy and Ear healthy.

Tulsi Drops - Tulsi or the holy basil has multiple uses. It is proven to provide relief for respiratory problems, coughs and colds. It is also known to help movement of mucus and give relief from chest congestion. 

Mint Drops - Mint can help you destress. It can also cure loss of appetite. Mint leaves posses anti-inflammatory properties and help treat headaches and asthma.

Ginger Drops - Ginger tea is a miracle drink that will keep you safe from infections. The reason is ginger boosts your metabolism and also freshens up your mood.

Black pepper Drops - is a must that needs to be included in your diet during monsoon. The reason is black pepper helps in curing flu, common cold and other health issues that you may face during monsoon.

Ajwain Drops - has been used as an ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. It is known to promote healthy digestion, treat flatulence and relieve constipation.

Lemongrass Drops - also has a lot of medicinal properties and like ginger is beneficial in treating stomach ailments, fever and the common cold, aches and pains and kill germs as it is a mild astringent. 

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