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This is Modern Mahabharata

Duryodhan & Rahul Gandhi - both without talent. but yet wanted to be rulers on the principle of birth-right.

Bhishma & Advani - Never crowned. got respect & yet became helpless at the end of their lives.

Arjun & Narendra - Both talented. reached the highest position due to being on the side of dharma. but realise how difficult it is to follow and practice.

Karna & Manmohan Singh - Both intelligent. but never reached anywhere being on the side of adharma.

Shakuni & Kejriwal - Both never fought a war, just played dirty tricks.

Dhritrashtra & Sonia - Both were blind for love of their sons.

And Last - Krishna And Abdul Kalam - We celebrate both of them but do not follow what they taught and preached.

This is Mahabharat and Bharat

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