th!nkpricing Unveils Price Optimization for People Who Price

Berlin, Germany, August 12, 2020 --( Smart Pricer announces the launch of its th!nkpricing brand with the release of the new website th! Focused on creating a community of people who price, th!nkpricing distributes pricing knowledge, tools and techniques to help businesses maximize their pricing potential.

The new and improved website introduces users to the world of pricing and pricing processes. Visit to find information on upcoming events as well as videos of past events and webinars. Of interest is the pricing blog which has helpful information on relevant pricing topics and tips and tricks to improve pricing for your business. Lastly, find a sneak peek of their new SaaS Product the evaluator which launches soon.

th!nkpricing�s mission is to democratize pricing. �After over five years of customized pricing projects for our clients, we identified the need for wider access to pricing knowledge,� says Sebastian Thobe, CTO of Smart Pricer. "Wanting to share our learnings we set out to create the new brand th!nkpricing that makes access to pricing knowledge simple instead of gated behind expensive consultants or only for specific industries."

Going forward th!nkpricing will continue to offer webinars, videos, demos, classes, and state of the art software to improve pricing across all industries.

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