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ThunderSoft Joins With Partner Introduced the World’s First 5G End-to-end Multi-slicing Solution

BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ThunderSoft, the world's leading provider of intelligent operating system products and technologies, recently introduced the world's first end-to-end multi-slicing 5G module solution with partner. The solution had been jointly developed by ThunderSoft and China Unicom Research Institute since 2021 and successfully verified on a live network.

This industry-leading 5G multi-slicing solution, based on ThunderSoft's end-to-end one-stop 5G products and technology matrix, is customized for 5G IOT modules and industrial terminal software and hardware applications involving drones, industrial IoT, and Internet of Vehicles. Before this solution, certain procedures needed to be undertaken by terminal producers. These procedures, such as URSP data parsing, PDU session establishment, mapping TD to specific slices, and policy-based routing configuration, are now integrated into the module. Terminal producers no longer need to concern themselves with underlying interaction details such as configuration, establishment, routing, and state maintenance of the slices. Instead, they can call the terminal slice SDK according to their needs to select the corresponding slice for transmission, greatly reducing the difficulty and research costs for developing terminal products.

At present, the solution has completed the verification of typical processes, including registration, URSP configuration update, PDU session establishment, slice establishment, and deactivation. Besides, the solution also specifically verified the multi-type and concurrent slice management and service loadings functions based on APP ID, FQDN, IP triplet and DNN.

Hiro Cai, Senior Vice President of ThunderSoft, says: "I am very pleased that the cooperation between ThunderSoft and China Unicom Research Institute has achieved such outstanding results. The advanced 5G slicing technologies and solution will greatly lower the barrier for countless industries' usage of 5G slices meanwhile accelerate 5G's implementation in verticals, thereby lay the technical foundation for the future diversified and large-scale development of 5G slicing services. Based on such achievement, we look forward to exploring more innovative 5G applications and providing end-to-end one-stop solutions for various industries through the integrated innovation of AI and 5G technologies, so as to empower a digital and intelligent society."


Nadia Gao

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