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TINANIK Skin Care Rookie Brand Enters Chinese E-commerce Market

SEOUL, Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--South Korean skin care brand Tinanik will officially enter the Chinese e-commerce market in June 2020 and open its own flagship brand store in Tmall, an e-commerce platform of Alibaba. As one of the best e-commerce platforms in China, Tmall has incomparable advantages in both market position and user share. TINANIK has previously sold products on this platform in the form of cooperation. The establishment of brand flagship stores will better serve Chinese users and further open up the Chinese market.

For TINANIK, China and South Korea are both Asian markets, and the target customers' demands are roughly the same. Adhering to the concept of "ecological skin care", after a comprehensive market survey based on Asian women's skin quality commonness and consumption tendency, Tinanik has positioned itself to provide more professional skin care products for Asian women by taking ecological skin care as the core, combining microbial technology with fermentation technology and plant extraction technology.

Through numerous experiments and detailed data, TINANIK has meticulously created this safe and effective sunscreen cream, which integrates the triple effects of sunscreen, whitening and anti-aging. In terms of composition, the optimal ratio of physical sunscreen ingredients and chemical sunscreen ingredients is integrated, which not only solves the problem of excessive whitening of skin when physical sunscreen is overweight, but also can resist sufficient UVA and UVB. In addition, Tinanik also pays attention to the development of the product's auxiliary functions such as whitening and anti-aging.

About Tinanik

Tinanik is a young skin care brand from South Korea, blending the best South Korean ingredients with the best South Korean cosmetic research technology to produce skin care products containing natural energy and vitality, bringing Asian women the most suitable skin care holy products for Oriental people.

The brand focuses on activating the energy at the bottom of the skin, gently caring for your fragile skin, and rejuvenating the skin. Tinanik uses continuously upgraded skin care products to help you release the beauty of balanced and healthy skin!



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