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Tingting Wang: UNNC FHSS Offers Me Global Platforms to Earn Myself a Splendid Future

NINGBO, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A graduate Tingting Wang, from the BSc in International Economics and Trade (IET) have received offers from McGill University, planned to pursue her master study in the Department of Economics in McGill University. Tingting expressed her sincere appreciation to the respectable teachers and warm-hearted friends for their encouragement and concern during the past four years. Tingting reviewed that IET has provided her with a wide field of vision and limitless possibilities with her academic improvement and nonetheless extension of international vision.

Incredible Academic Environment

Tingting holds strong beliefs that UNNC provide an incredible academic environment. Throughout the four-year study, she confidently grasped the content of systematic advanced economic theories. Taking Macroeconomic/Microeconomic Theory, students will develop perspectives regarding welfare economics, whereas from the Economic Integration and International Trade, students can enhance their global vision, with the introduction of worldwide governmental trade policy instruments. She added, "it is worth noting that your quantitative and analytical skills will be improved dramatically through a series of modules including Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, in which you can learn statistical and mathematical techniques to analyse economic issues."

Strong Transferable Skills

"Through the above modules, students will acquire a wealth of transferable skills such as critical analysis, problem solving and time management skills." In addition, students’ international vision could be extended if they choose to study in the UNNC – studying with not only foreign teachers, but also foreign classmates. “Professors constantly encouraged us to communicate with them with our own opinion, during or after the class.“ Tingting mentioned, ”In this way, our global vision will be enhanced by exchanging idea with people from different countries and cultures.” Students are given an opportunity to study at the University of Nottingham UK campus in the third year of the programme. The high quality of professors and staffs allow students to adapt to a new environment easily and study effectively in a foreign country.

Therefore to conclude, Tingting emphasizes that BSc in International Economics and Trade is a programme which can not only provide students with advanced economic knowledge, but also offer abundant transferable skills and global platforms to help students perform better in their future study and career.


University of Nottingham Ningbo China

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