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Tips from Vrunda- Child counsellor

Tips from Vrunda- Child counsellorTips from Vrunda-Child counsellor

Dear parents give your finger to support your child not your entire hand to hold for life time else they never be able to survive without you.

If you want to make your child independent and confident in future follow steps from now only.

1 . Don't feed your child let him eat by himself. Iet them starve to develop sense of hunger.

2. Let them wear their clothes on their own, you can help a little. Let them pack garden bag.

3 .Let them decide which colour things they want. This helps them to develop decision making power in them.

4. Let them pack their school bag if they forget anything let them face situation so from very young age they become very particular.

5 . In school if they have not completed their books please you don't need to call other parents but tell child to copy from friends book next day this creates realisation in child that how it feels if I don't complete books.it makes them responsible.

6 . Never ever sit with your child when he is doing homework otherwise even in 10th standard also child will need your help he /she will never develop confidence.

7 . When ever you make monthly budget involve your child. Discuss what is your income, how much you need to save? Why you need to save this develop planning sense and awareness in child from very young age and definitely he will never do unnecessary expense.
8. Let them make their own decisions in set boundary it develops freedom


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