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TRON�s Justin Sun Announces Plans To Revitalize The DeFi Market At Global Eco-Conference Hosted by Alchemy Pay

SHANGHAI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At the 2020 Global blockchain Eco-Conference hosted by Alchemy Pay, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, delivered a keynote speech entitled "The DeFi Boom and TRON�s Road to Advancement".

The Global Blockchain Eco-Conference saw more than 30 local and international industry-heavyweights come together to share quality content with over 500 on-site audiences as well as leverage the event as a discussion and exchange platform.

In his speech, Justin Sun said that TRON has surpassed Ethereum to become the most prosperous public blockchain. In response to Ethereum�s network congestion and high gas fees, Sun noted TRON has been gearing up for DeFi since early 2020 and is expected to revitalize the market.

Presently, multiple public blockchains have entered the DeFi space, and Ethereum-based DeFi projects are gaining more attention and are high in demand on the market.

Justin Sun said, "The next DeFi industry opportunity lies in TRON." The current biggest problem of Ethereum lies with the network congestion and high gas fees � a problem that has persisted for a full quarter. As a result, many had to pay multiple-fold regular gas fees in order to use the Ethereum network.

Justin Sun believes that TRON is the only public-chain on the market that is compatible with Ethereum and does not have network congestion and high gas fees. Furthermore, the TRON ecosystem is home to the most active users in the industry.

When asked about TRON�s current plans for DeFi, Justin Sun said TRON has entered the DeFi space on the back of the success of dApp and USDT, and, in partnership with Poloniex, has launched several successful DeFi projects on the TRON network. At the same time, the decentralized, automatic market maker (AMM) trading platform JustSwap has been officially launched recently and is expected to attract more DeFi projects, calling for more developers to join the TRON ecosystem.

To conclude, Justin Sun emphasized that TRON's DeFi ecological development will be surging in the next 3 months and surpass market�s expectations. "I believe that by the end of this year, TRON will advance to become one of the top protocols for DeFi and stand toe-to-toe with Ethereum.� Justin Sun said.



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