UK Screeds Can Now Install Underfloor Cooling Systems

Underfloor heating was invented by the Romans who raised their floors on brick or stone pillars and had a furnace in one corner of the room under the floor so that hot air could circulate underneath it. Today, things have become a little more sophisticated.

Bampton, United Kingdom, June 17, 2019 --( Underfloor heating goes back to the days of the Romans who first constructed floors raised on brick or stone pillars about two feet high so that hot air could circulate underneath it. A fire was burned continuously in a furnace under one corner of the room which required slave labour to fuel, monitor, and clean it during the day.

Today, things have become a little more sophisticated, and companies such as UK Screeds can install underfloor heating in Oxford which uses hot water circulating through plastic pipes embedded in the floor. Because the emitting area is large, the room is warmed even on the coldest winter�s day and there is no need for any form of supplementary heating. The heat to warm the water can come from any suitable heat source.

However, UK Screeds has now gone one step further by producing underground cooling. We get a lot of hot days in the summer, especially in cities, and instead of air conditioning the company now provides underfloor cooling in the summer combined with underfloor heating in the winter. The principle is much the same in that cooled water is pumped through the plastic piping instead of hot water.

The floor is cooled to a lower temperature than the surrounding air and the floor absorbs radiant energy proportional to the difference between the floor surface and the room, which has the effect of reducing the radiant air temperature more than the floor temperature. This is different from an air conditioning system which forces the air over a cooling element. The system passes chilled water from an underground source heat pump or air source heat pump or chiller through the pipes that are under the floor.

It gets even better, because UK Screeds can now arrange things so that you can have underfloor heating in one room in Oxford and underfloor cooling in the next-door room � both at the same time.

Both underfloor heating and underfloor cooling emit radiant heat and cooling, and this means there are no hotspots or cold spots. With radiators, for example, the air is warmer next to the radiators when the middle of the room may be colder. With an underfloor system the heat or cooling effect is distributed evenly.

About The Company:
UK Screeds installs both underfloor heating in Oxford and underfloor cooling systems as well. In addition, UK Screeds provides liquid screeding where required.

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