Uloo Lets You Work on Your Habits Together and Book Sessions with Mentors

Uloo GmbH built a revolutionary mobile app to change the way we work on our personal growth.

Vienna, Austria, April 10, 2020 --( Uloo GmbH announces the launch of its new mobile app to help you live your best life. Uloo enables anyone who wants to start a new goal or is currently working on their goal to achieve it like never before.

Nowadays, it is easy to find the content to achieve goals. However, it is very difficult to find the support and the motivation to make it happen. Therefore, Uloo matches their users in small teams (aka squads) of people having the same goals so they can share their tips and their progress together. “Being part of a supportive community can drastically increase your chances of achieving your goal,” says Patrick Kozakiewicz, co-founder and Head of Coaching.

“We want to build a totally new experience for your personal growth, a place where everyone can live their best life,” says Pierre Bouilliez, co-founder and CEO of Uloo. Uloo also lets you easily book mentorship sessions directly within the app. “Discussing with someone who was in your shoes a few years ago, can help you save a lot of time. And it is also a beautiful way for users to go one step further than achieving their goal and become a mentor,” says Pierre.

Pierre to conclude: “In the long term, we believe that Uloo will generate new passions and awesome stories for our users. It is just the beginning!”

Uloo started with the two co-founders, Patrick Kozakiewicz and Pierre Bouilliez, sending positive cards to friends via social media to encourage them to reach their goals. Now, Uloo (which stands for U Live Only Once) is available for free on iPhone and Android. You can subscribe to Uloo Premium for 6,99€/month to track as many goals as you want and join exclusive calls. The Uloo Team has a mission to help you live your best life (

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