Unleash the Future of ESG: The World Green Organisations’s “ESG Xchange 2024: ESG for Climate Actions International Summit”

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 28 June 2024 - The escalating global climate crisis and frequent extreme weather events demand urgent action. Hong Kong must play a significant role in addressing climate change, as highlighted by last year's heavy rainstorm. The World Green Organisation's (WGO) "ESG Xchange 2024: ESG for Climate Actions International Summit" will focus on ESG standards, carbon neutrality, and sustainability. The event will gather international leaders, regulators, industry experts, listed companies, academic institutions, and SMEs to explore ESG best practices, sustainable supply chain management, carbon trading, and corporate carbon neutrality strategies.

Unleash the Future of ESG: The World Green Organisations's

Held on June 27 and 28 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), the summit was a major success, supported by international and local experts, academics, and corporate giants. The event featured Mr CHEUK Wing-hing, GBS, JP, Deputy Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr. CHAN Ho Lim, Joseph, JP, Under Secy for Financial Services & the Treasury, and esteemed speakers including Ms. Fabienne Michaux, Director of SDG Impact, UNDP; Prof. Simon Shun-Man HO, President, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong; and Dr. Bing Leng, International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) at the opening ceremony, alongside Dr. William Yu, Founder and CEO of WGO. These esteemed speakers shared their expertise and insights on the critical challenges and opportunities ahead in the global pursuit of sustainability and climate action.

Mr. CHAN Ho Lim, Joseph, JP, Under Secy for Financial Services & the Treasury mentioned, "By leveraging our financial expertise and commitment to sustainability, Hong Kong continues to spearhead initiatives that drive meaningful progress in the global fight against climate change. The HKSAR Government will continue to work with all our partners and stakeholders, including all of you here today, to promote the green transformation of the economy and combat climate change, while strengthening Hong Kong's status as an international green and sustainable financial centre."

Summit Highlights

The summit included Main Stage presentations, panel discussions, a Carbon Neutral Tech Exhibition, and an ESG-Tech Start-ups Demo Day. Participants received updates on global standards and discussed financial strategies for SMEs. The event also hosted a Sustainable Supply Chain Forum and provided Coffee Networking opportunities organized by DBS Bank.

Discover and Key Elements

Participants explored innovations in Carbon Neutral Tech, Proptech, and Greentech Startups, highlighting the impact of new technologies on sustainability and climate action. The summit emphasized Sustainable Finance, Carbon Neutral Technology, Green Supply Chain, Marine and Biodiversity Carbon Credits, Occupational Health and Safety Policy, and ESG Standards, focusing on comprehensive strategies to address climate change and promote sustainable development.

ESG-Tech Start-up Demo and Pitching Day

One of the summit's highlights was the ESG-Tech Start-up Demo and Pitching Day, which featured over 50 international and local tech ventures. These start-ups showcased their cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, many of which were freshly launched at the event. Attendees and judges had the unique opportunity to witness these groundbreaking developments firsthand, emphasizing the role of technology in driving sustainability and green lifestyles.

Innovating for Climate Action: Global Experts Unite

The summit's conferences and workshops examined IoT eldercare technology, pyrolysis technology, green kitchen, smart washroom, robotics technology, and carbon tokenisation. Insights were delivered by UN members, regulators, global standards leaders, exchanges, financial institutions, alliances, and tech-savvy influencers, uniting stakeholders to address climate change.

Dr. William Yu, Founder and CEO of WGO, stressed the significance of the ESG future and green technologies: "As we gather here today, we find ourselves amid an unprecedented global climate crisis. The severe and far-reaching consequences of climate change are no longer just a distant threat, but a harsh reality that we must confront head-on. From 2010 to 2020, the world experienced 7,348 climate-related disasters, a 35% increase compared to the previous decade. These disasters have claimed 700,000 lives, impacted the lives of 4 billion people, and resulted in over USD 1 trillion in economic losses. Urgent climate action is a moral imperative to save ourselves and others."

The summit featured booths showcasing diverse themes such as Green Finance, Carbon Neutral Technology, Proptech (overseas and local technologies demo), Asia-Pacific ASEAN Green Deal, Green Catering, and Biodiversity. Highlights included Finesse (Catomind), a company focusing on the elderly market, ESG, and technology; Colab, headquartered in Dubai, which emphasizes environmental protection through eco-friendly materials for brick production; Masterkote Aquashield Ltd, a distributor of energy-efficient cooling solutions; WHOSiFY, dedicated to promoting green practices through carbon-neutral electronic business cards. Sponsors include Crystal International Group Limited, DBS Bank, InvestHK, BOC Life, Asia-Pacific ASEAN Green Deal Centre of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, King's Flair, New Spark International Green Energy Technology Limited, Masterkote, Cookcell, Finesse, CatoMind, ATAL, A4CR, Invesco, Huaneng Invesco, Healthy Giant, Jibpool International Ltd, Million Tech, Tobot, Vegware Hong Kong Limited, YARA, Kerry Properties Limited, SYNNEX, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Towngas, Summer Herb, Pioneer Global Group Limited, Gaw Capital, Associated Engineers, Ltd., Riskory Consultancy Limited, TÜV Rheinland Hong Kong Limited, WHOSiFY, Cantabrigian Consulting Limited, Hong Kong Housing Society, and DenWare Co. Limited.

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