Upscalic Marketing Launches a New Digital Marketing Website to Help Small Businesses Suffering from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital marketing experts have created a new website "" to help small businesses gain presence online. As everyone is fully aware, the coronavirus has laid a heavy impact on many businesses and among them, the most affected are small businesses or those who are not yet online. This is the reason Upscalic Marketing has decided to help small vendors and local shops to find an online presence with digital marketing efforts.

Lucknow, India, June 11, 2020 --( Upscalic Marketing is a Lucknow-based Digital Marketing Agency that came into force during the time of COVID-19 at the end of May 2020.

Along with a team of Digital Marketing Experts and Content Writers, Upscalic Marketing has created a website Its purpose is to help all types of small businesses, especially those businesses that don't have an online presence yet.

The current time is hard for the majority of businesses, but still, many of them are striving and putting forth all their efforts to find stability. Unfortunately, many small companies and local shops have shut down or are in the process of shutting down.

Therefore, in this hour of need, Upscalic Marketing has taken the initiative to help vendors and local shops all around India and globally.

Interested business owners can effectively advertise their local business online and can seek the help of Upscalic Marketing to improve their Return on Investment through their online marketing and more.

In addition to marketing services, Upscalic Marketing is also offering free 500 word customized promotional content that will help the client boost their marketing.

Sameena Farooq, the founder of the company, said, "My purpose to launch the website is to support my existing clients by offering them new services and create a quick platform for new clients to find us. I have displayed different types of services in detail on the website so that clients can check all the listed services and find out what they need for their business. The best part about our services is that we offer customized solutions for different types of business."

She further added, "My main purpose is to satisfy the client's requirement so that they can reach out to their targeted clients/customers."

She concluded by saying, "Help me, so that I can help you."

For business-related queries, anyone can contact the company via email or call.

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