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�Values, Inc. Releases Dockpit for Global Clients

New tool for access analysis, marketing research, and trend analysis in Japan

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Values, Inc. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Hideyuki Tsujimoto) has released Dockpit, the most innovative data analysis tool in Japan, as a SaaS-type service for global companies. Dockpit provides an intuitive dashboard for access analysis, marketing research, and trend analysis, based on online behavior log data of Japan's largest group of consumer panel with 2.5 million panelists. It enables anyone to easily perform 3C Analysis (company, competitor, and customer).

Dockpit: https://www.valuesccg.com/english/dockpit/

Comments from Hideyuki Tsujimoto, Values, Inc.'s President and Representative Director

Dockpit is a marketing tool that enables marketers who need large amounts of information in a limited time to conduct competitive research, industry analysis and identify trends, by simply entering keywords or a site URL and the industry they want to analyze.

With Values' proprietary data on the online behavior log of 2.5 million panelists of Japan's largest consumer panel, the data also includes users� attributes such as gender, age, living area, and annual income. You can easily analyze the 3C's (company, competition, customers) which are essential for marketing. Anyone can easily begin data analysis by viewing the data through the dashboard's intuitive user interface. The dashboard displays an easy-to-understand summary of a vast amount of data. Once you have an overview, you can dig deeper into the areas of your interest, greatly reducing the time and cost of research.

Features of Dockpit

1. The user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for anyone to analyze data

Dockpit's user-friendly dashboard provides the information needed for marketing analysis at first sight. It allows you to carry out data analysis using intuitive operations. Simply enter the keyword, site URL, or choose the industry you want to analyze, and it will show a summary of the information required for data analysis. After checking the overview, you can make segmentations by users� attributes and perform in-depth analysis.

2. Carry out competitive research and understand market trends

Using the data, including user attributes, from our proprietary large scale consumer panel to understand the status of competing sites and market trends. It helps you understand and analyze competing sites from all angles, including user volume, demographics, contribution of different advertising channels etc. It also covers the current state of the industries and markets trend by consumers� website visit and keywords search history.

3. Understand consumer needs and trends

Dockpit uses consumers� search keyword and website visit, contents being viewed to grasp consumer needs and insights. Segmentation based on the demographics is possible, allowing you to analyze your target audiences� features of activities online.

How to use Dockpit

We offer a variety of pricing plans depending on the length of use and number of user accounts, so please feel free to contact us.

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About Values, Inc.

Values is a business growth support company that leverages its marketing know-how and cutting-edge IT technology to support the creation of new market value. In addition to providing services that utilize the online behavior logs and demographic information of 2.5 million general Internet users. We also leverage our unique know-how and solutions to provide support to many companies, from consulting on management issues to problem solving and sales promotion support.

Location: 2-19-4 FORUM Akasaka 5F, Akasaka, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

Representative: President and Representative Director, Hideyuki Tsujimoto

Business description:

Management consulting and growth support

Internet activity log analysis (big data analysis)

Development of sales systems using advanced IT technology

Date founded: September 30, 2009

URL: https://www.valuesccg.com/


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