Vast Untapped E-Commerce and Technology Employment Potential in the Philippines: Global Recruiters, Michael Page

OutReach�-�28 August 2020 -
With a young population learning to be entrepreneurs (average of 24.4 years
old with high digital penetration) the technology and digital sectors in the Philippines are well-placed
to create employment opportunities for the upcoming generation of working professionals.
International executive search firm, Michael Page remains optimistic
about the untapped potential in Filipino talent as they open their sixth office
within the South East Asia region here in Manila.�

"Looking at industries in the Philippines
with high growth potential in the next few years, it is clear why the economy
is well-poised for recovery. Manufacturing, including supply chain and 3PL is a
major growth area, and the consumer market, despite the lockdown and other
challenges, has remained robust. This includes retail, food and beverages and
fast-moving consumer goods," observes Olly Riches, Board Director at Michael
Page South East Asia.

and hardworking, the workforce in the Philippines is one of the biggest assets
the country has. Among professionals in the workforce, there is a large
population of bilingual English-speaking professionals and a large number of
university graduates.

is interest in doing business in the Philippines due to the very strong talent
here. We produce a lot of technical experts, such as engineers and healthcare
professionals, among other skilled professionals. As a result, more MNCs are
being drawn to investments and local conglomerates are tapping into expansion
opportunities within the country for years to come," says Carla Lastimosa,
Director of Michael Page Philippines.

are seeing more overseas Filipino professionals returning home to the
Philippines to continue building their careers. This has created increased
confidence in local employers of a healthy rebound for the economy," Carla
Lastimosa observes.

view of this rising trend and by leveraging the Michael Page global network, we
have also contributed our local knowledge by attracting top talent and
investment back to the Philippines. The launch of our Bayanihan Tulay sa
campaign will build the bridge and create the opportunities
required to successfully find returning Filipinos employment.

One of the five
high-growth regions in South East Asia, the Philippines has a dynamic economy.
According to IMF estimates, in 2019, the GDP growth rate reached 5.9%.

Ambassador, Daniel Pruce comments, "In 2020, as in many countries, that growth
has slowed down. COVID-19 and the stringent lockdown have had a real effect on
the economy in the first half of the year. However, the Philippines has the
ability to bounce back. It has solid foundations rooted in an historically
stable job market and a competitive workforce. In fact, the many talents and
resilience of the people of the Philippines are among the major reasons why the
Philippines possesses such high prospects despite the setbacks of recent

Page's entry into the Philippine market is a welcome development, as they join
our growing number of successful British businesses in the country."

Olly Riches is equally
optimistic, "While many companies already have back office operations in the
Philippines, we want to build upon the enormous potential beyond that. With the
office opening, we aim to foster long-term partnerships on the ground, and nurture
the best talent here to build on the local opportunities that exist."�

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