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Vault Creation to Launch Eco-friendly Respiratory Protection Polymer Filter Mask �Vo Guard� on Kickstarter

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#EcoFriendlyMask--Vault Creation Co., Ltd, a company with unrivalled micro-etching technology, will start funding for Vo Guard, a respiratory protection guard with eco-friendly polymer filters, at the end of September through Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform in the U.S.

Vault Creation is a venture company that has independently developed unrivalled technologies in the field of micro-etching. Based on its excellent technological power, Vault Creation was selected as the Company of Excellent Technology in Korea and won a number of awards.

Vault Creation succeeded in developing a respiratory protection polymer filter by applying the micro-etching technology (in ?m unit) to a polyester (PET) material. Recently, it completed the production of Vo Guard through the application of the technology to a mask filter.

While consumers experience difficulty breathing while wearing the conventional woven fabric masks, Vo Guard has micro-sized holes measuring 5?m or less on a thin layer of film, which makes the product lightweight, ensures excellent air permeability, and physically blocks out contaminants.

In particular, the polyester (PET) filter developed by Vault Creation can be washed in water and reused, making Vo Guard more economical and efficient to use.

The five strengths of Vo Guard, which are not available in conventional woven fabric masks:

  • The mask and filters can be washed and reused for more than six months.
  • Vo Guard can be carried around conveniently in a bag or a pouch as opposed to the woven fabric masks that are prone to creasing or crumpling.
  • Consisting of a single layer of filter, Vo Guard ensures easy communication and successful air circulation, and thus lowers the amount of heat generated.
  • Vo Guard can be washed clean using a hand wash or neutral detergent.
  • Vo Guard is reusable and thus can minimize waste generation.

In April, Vault Creation achieved its crowdfunding goal in Korea by 947% through Wadiz. Following the accomplishment, Vault Creation will promote crowdfunding in Japan through Makuake and in the U.S. through Kickstarter in mid and at the end of September respectively.


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