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Vault Micro : CameraFi Live, an Android Live-Streaming App, Released Live Shopping Effects

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#CameraFiLive--Vault Micro, the developer of live streaming app CameraFi Live, has announced that the app has released updates offering live shopping effects that are directly beneficial to e-commerce retailers. The update allows its users to add product information such as item name, images, pricing and discounts, and other relevant details in real-time during their broadcast.

Due to limited face-to-face interactions caused by COVID-19, the pandemic continues to drive a surge in online shopping hence influencing huge online e-commerce retailers like Amazon to launch live-streaming shopping. Live-Streaming E-Commerce or Live Commerce is the latest trend offering a more advanced and interactive way of online selling. By doing a live broadcast, merchants can better emphasize the selling points of their items and customers can communicate their inquiries and feedbacks in real-time. Influencers are even joining these live broadcasts creating a strong brand identity and driving more audiences that are both geared towards increasing conversion rate.

In line with the trend, CameraFi Live, a live streaming app for Android users, offers an easy and better way to sell products via live streaming by creating high-quality, real-time broadcast on various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. It is optimized for expanding sales via online shopping live-stream sessions and has an average of 30,000 live broadcasts daily in about 200 countries from different parts of the world.

One of the greatest advantages of live streaming is it doesn�t require expensive equipment and you don�t need to be in a professional broadcasting studio. With just a smartphone, you can start creating a live broadcast without additional costs. And thanks to this innovation, live e-commerce broadcasts using CameraFi Live are dramatically increasing, especially in Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries in South America.

Vault Micro CEO Seongil Kim said, �I hope anyone can get an opportunity to easily start online selling during this time when COVID-19 has frozen the global economy. We plan to add more and more effects to give chances to more people.� He also emphasized that he plans to continue cooperating with live e-commerce platforms so that non-professional users can start live-streaming without difficulty.


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