Veenu Paliwal: One of India’s top women bikers died in a road accident

Veenu PaliwalVeenu Paliwal died in a road accident in Madhya Pradesh, She is one of the top women biker in India. She was one a nationwide tour on her Harley Davidson while the mishap took place. Her bike skidded off near a road in Gyaraspur, near a small district in Bhopal. Although she was wearing safety head gears, she succumbed to the injuries and was declared dead after being taken to the hospital. Dipesh Tanwar had also accompanied her for the nationwide tour. He is another biker.

She became famous after riding her Harley Davidson at 180km/hr. She loved to ride bikes since her college days. When she got married, her husband didn’t want her to ride bikes and make a career out of it. She divorced him and continued following her passion. She is 44 years old.

She was rushed to Gyaraspur Hospital and later referred to Vidisha. Her fellow motorcyclist has alleged that she was given a wrong injection that led to her death.

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