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Why Vijay Mallya is my hero?

Vijay MallyaI can’t withdraw more than 20,000 rupees a day from my account. He withdrew 215 Cr and left the country.

The minimum account balance I need to maintain is 0. But he can maintain a minimum balance of Rs -1500 Cr.

I work quite hard and my last birthday party was thrown by a friend on his brother-in-law’s terrace; I spent 200 bucks on cab. When he turned 60 this year he burnt 90 Cr on his birthday party on a private island in Goa, and flew down Enrique.

I pay my modest EMI on time fearing the calls and letters from the bank. He owes Rs 7000 Cr to 17 banks and nobody knows on which number he’s available or where to send the damned letters.

If I owed the amount of money he owed, I would have taken a bus or hitched a drive for free (to save whatever little I have left) to escape my debtors. But he took a jet and flew to a private estate near London.

And everybody is cracking bankruptcy jokes on him. Calling him a massive failure. If you ask me, he’s the biggest F’ing success story today. No matter what they say, you’re my hero, Dr Vijay Mallya.

N u know what

Arun Jaitley will recover the money. In next year’s budget he will introduce “Mallya Recovery cess” of 0.50%.along with service tax

By the way I am also proud to be an Indian

  • Shirish Jadav

    so true this banks don’t keep check on industrialist nither Gov… they all are flying on People’s hardearn money…. we pay taxes but it goes in this peoples projects to earn more…

    • Shirish Jadav

      BTW I am a mallaya fan,.. I am a fan of his F1 team.. I like him personally I don’t know what the actual matter So I leave it on banks and Gov system…are they going to find a solution so that no one can make such a large debt to banks??

  • Virat

    Not sure if serious…

  • Karn Prakash

    Did he snatch your money, for your information bank is doing business not a charity with his company. On behalf of money bank took all the necessary data required to loan.
    Don’t maligned him.

  • Pranav Paharia

    This blog post is bullshit. I can’t see any heroic behavior in
    portraying bankrupt business and laying off thousand’s of employee in
    financial crisis. This is cowardliness

    • ibo2

      It looks like you were a King Fisher employee?

      • Pranav Paharia

        No lad. I’m just a spectator. His business is damaged and dissolving, laying out his co workers, what else he can do. How Mallya get to be hero here ?

        • sroyonline

          You do realize that the tone of this article is sarcastic? The author is simply mocking the Indian legal system for not being able to penalize the ultra rich (!) while coming down hard on the middle class?

  • Priyabrata Sen

    nice article with systematic puch line , member at http://www.availany.com

  • burnoutcandle

    U r so correct FM will recover the money.
    And instead of saying u r Indian, say Bharat mata ki jai… U know nationalism should not be questioned

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