Vision-Box at the Center of Digital Identity Management Discussions

Vision-Box on enhancing citizen experience by pioneering digital identity across industries.

Lisbon, Portugal, January 24, 2020 --( Richard Camman, Vision-Box VP Business Development, participated in the panel discussion “Towards a More Useful, Safe and Valuable Identity” lead by David Treat, Accenture Senior Managing Director. The event aligned with the World Economic Forum’s platforms on the Future of Digital Economy and New Value Creation as well as on the Future of Mobility initiatives.

Richard Camman, VP Business Development, Vision-Box:
“Vision-Box is delighted to contribute to this panel and exchange views on the fundamental role of digital identity in a modern global society. The company has been pioneering the foundations of building secure and safe communities with its citizen-centric seamless solutions. Sharing best practices and our vision of how biometrics can responsibly simplify the lives of billions of people is pivotal towards a sustainable digital society.”

It is estimated that by 2030 the global travel will reach 1.8 billion international arrivals per year, a 50% increase from today, putting pressure on present-day aviation, travel and tourism infrastructures as well as increasing security concerns. As a result, there is a necessity for cross-entity collaboration to seek digital innovation in passenger identity management.

As part of the discussion, Richard Camman shared Vision-Box’s expertise on seamless and secure travel under the WEF’s Known Traveler Digital Identity (KTDI) framework developed in partnership with key public and private stakeholders between Canada and the Netherlands. The KTDI is a unique example of enhanced intergovernmental and public-private cooperation to foster global competitiveness, digital mobility and freedom of movement.

Under this initiative, Vision-Box’s Privacy-by-Design certified Orchestra™ Identity Management Platform delivers a scalable and interoperable solution that complies with global data protection regulations focusing on enhanced customer experiences, while allowing trusted cross-border movement of people.

The input from the WEF, MasterCard, Workday and Accenture representatives highlighted the significance of digital identity across travel, government and banking through to healthcare and the gig economy. Vision-Box embraces the economic significance of global interoperability by designing customer-centric solutions that invite customers and key industry stakeholders to become active participants in the security process and managing digital identity. Thus, uniting passenger facilitation and ensuring border security putting the highest priority on building sustainable communities and promoting individual human rights.

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