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Vyripharm International, Inc. and the National Yang-Ming University Signed a MOU to Develop VYR-206 as a Novel Diagnostic Approach for Neurological Disorders Outcomes Following Treatments

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Vyripharm International, Inc. (VI), is a subsidiary of Vyripharm Enterprises, LLC, a privately held company formed for Partnerships and Joint Ventures with International Public or Private Organizations. VI, which is located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas, announced today that it has executed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with National Yang-Ming University (NYMU), a research institution in Taipei, Taiwan. NYMU is famous for its research in medicine, life sciences and biotechnology. The MOU expresses the intent to develop the bio-distribution information and targeting profile of VYR-206 for diagnosis and monitoring treatment outcomes of neurological disorders.

Vyripharm’s drug platform technology is a personalized medicine application for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of some infectious diseases, neurological disorders and cancers. Moreover, the platform provides a means for labeling diagnostic and therapeutic agents to allow for tissue specific targeted diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy. The company developed VYR-206 as one of its lead compounds from several of its platforms for both proof of concepts and commercialization development.

The endocannabinoid system’s (ECS) integration into the central nervous system (CNS) and immune system is extremely complex. Furthermore, the identification of cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) expression and exactly what roles they play in the ECS remains a mystery and makes development of therapies highly challenging. For example, epilepsy has been the primary focus of research due to anecdotal success in cannabis-derived medication providing significant benefit to intractable childhood seizures, which led to Epidiolex ultimately being the first FDA approved cannabis-derived medication. However, further investigations expanding to other neurological conditions and the role of the ECS as an efficacious therapeutic target are emerging very slowly. Hence, Vyripharm developed VYR-206 to functionally target the ECS through specific binding to CB1 receptors. We believe that VYR-206 will allow us to diagnose and monitor neurological disorders through targeting CB1 receptors and further correlate to treatment and how other cannabinoid receptors play a role in this highly efficient system. CB1 receptors have been shown to be expressed in many neurological disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and neuropathic complications with diseases such as diabetes. Although effective treatment has remained elusive for such disorders as PTSD and TRD, CB1 receptors may serve as an efficacious target for therapy.

NYMU’s Brain Research Center and Translational Medical Imaging Center is one of the leading institutes in cognition and behavioral research along with functional and structural brain imaging. NYMU has worked extensively with various experimental models for neurological disorders including PTSD and TRD. NYMU serves as an excellent partner for investigating the role of CB1 receptors as a diagnostic and therapeutic target in PTSD and TRD with the company’s VYR-206 technology. We are excited at the prospect of a great collaboration to effectively study these challenging neurological disorders.

A binding contract agreement with NYMU and VI is soon to follow.

About Vyripharm International, Inc.

VI is our international footprint to our biopharmaceutical/biotechnology firm and is focused in neurological disorders and cancer. Our global mission is the integration of Traditional medicine with Alternative medicine. The company has patents in sectors such as Regulatory Testing, Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Drugs, Bioinformatics, Medical Informatics, Monitoring Technology, and Drug Delivery Systems. The company holds exclusive licenses, issued patents, patents pending and trademarks. For more information visit www.vyripharmbio.com

About National Yang-Ming University

NYMU is a research university focused in biomedical education located in Shipai, Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. It is well known for research in fields of Medicine, Life Sciences and Biotechnology. Founded in 1975 as a college of medicine, NYMU has expanded to become the first medicine-oriented comprehensive university in Taiwan with more than 20 research centers with emphasis on cancer and immunology, brain research, biophotonics, aging and health, and biomedical engineering. For more information visit www.nymu-e.ym.edu.tw


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