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Do you want me to ask you one very difficult question or ten very easy questions?

[caption id="attachment_13045" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Woman during job interview and four elegant members of management; Shutterstock ID 370947476; PO: angelikiJ-for robin kawakami[/caption]We all have attended many interviews in our life. Have you ever came across these kinds of Questions in your interview ever?

Interviewer: Imagine you are waiting for a train on a railway platform. Then, all of a sudden, you see a girl completely naked, standing a few meters far from you. When you look closely, you realize she is actually your daughter, and that people are staring at her. What will you do?

Candidate: Sir, I will get up and go to her. Then I will pick her up in my arms and carry her with me back to the place where I was sitting, and give her to my wife saying "I think she is hungry. Feed her from the milk bottle".

Interviewer: Okay, so you have a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur, right ?

Candidate: Yes, Sir. That is correct.

Interviewer: You have a choice. Do you want me to ask you one very difficult question or ten very easy questions?

Candidate: Sir, ask me the difficult question.

Interviewer: Okay, but still, this question must be bread & butter for you. Find and Pinpoint the Centre of gravity of this table (while pointing towards his workplace table, which had a highly irregular shape).

Candidate: Sir, it's here (while pointing towards a random point on the table).

Interviewer: Explain to me, how did you come to that conclusion?

Candidate: Sir, you said that you will ask only one difficult question!

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