WebToGo Makes Available Wenewa, a Survival Kit for the Home Office

In these unprecedented times, with millions confined to their homes and relying on the Internet as their primary life-line to the outside world, WebToGo is bringing out a unique new app, wenewa – the most powerful tool available to diagnose Internet connectivity in the home.

Munich, Germany, March 29, 2020 --( WebToGo has launched wenewa, an app to help anyone with their Internet issues. wenewa is a unique survival kit for the home office, which allows users to get help when video conferences break down, emails cannot be loaded or a web-page does not open. WebToGo has also opened up its video & web conferencing service as an optional extra.

COVID-19 has forced millions of people to work and learn from home, making us realise just how much we depend on the Internet. Data traffic has abruptly shifted from performant corporate networks to myriads of unsupported and unmanaged home networks while we rely on stable connections to palliate the effects of social distancing on our private and professional lives.

In encouraging everybody to stay healthy and safe, WebToGo is offering the tools to manage and troubleshoot home networks either by ourselves or by getting friends, family or a support agent to help remotely.

With the most complete feature set on the market, wenewa app diagnoses all the components in your Internet connection: the devices in your smart home, the WiFi, the router and even the Internet routes in you provider network and beyond allowing to isolate and fix issues. You can test the speed of your WiFi in different locations within your home to see whether the place you have set up your office will be up to the job. You can test your connection before a video conference to see if you if it will work. When there are bottlenecks, it crucially allows you to distinguish between issues within your home network or in the realm of your provider. For home network issues, it allows you to optimize WiFi channels and provides visibility of other devices that may be hogging your bandwidth.

wenewa also allows remote support personnel to help you with any problems you may be facing. At this critical time, wenewa is making its SaaS platform available to corporate help-centres struggling to deal with their home-office employees. And of course, you can also help your loved ones who are struggling, safely, from a distance.

wenewa is a SaaS platform available without restrictions or fees comprising Android and iOS apps and an agent dashboard for support providers.

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