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Wedge Holdings: Facebook “TCGnoHEYA” the Biggest Card Game Community in Southeast Asia Operated by Us Has Accomplished 300,000 Followers

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WEDGE HOLDINGS (JASDAQ:2388) operates the biggest retail chain of card game including 3 directly managed stores and 9 franchisee shops and wholesale trading cards and related toy goods to bookstores and card game shops nationwide in Indonesia. Also in Vietnam we are the only one wholesale company who has the import license of trading cards and wholesale trading cards and related toy goods to more than 40 stores of the biggest bookstore chain.

With such local sales activities as backdrops, we started “TCGnoHEYA” the card game community (https://www.facebook.com/tcgnoheya/) in 2018 and now it accomplished 300,000 followers. It provides various products information for local card game users as the biggest community in Southeast Asia. The followers are composed of 75% Indonesian, 15% Vietnamese, 8% Thai, 2% Singaporean and other. Other than the community, we as a distributing agent also operate many official Facebook account of card game titles. Thus we are the leading company of card game contributing the development of its market in Southeast Asia.

In Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia and Vietnam have quite high potential markets. Indonesia has the fourth biggest population of 264 million, of which younger population under 15 is 70 million and average age of 28. On the other hand, Vietnam has younger population under 15 is 23.4 million and average age of 30. Both countries have very promising market for card game because incomes are increasing and people are likely to consume much more entertaining contents. Actually the card game users are rapidly increasing in both countries.

We executed the license contract of “HAIKYU!! VOLLEYBALL CARD GAME” for sales in Southeast Asia on January 2018 and the distributor contract of “WIXOSS“ in Indonesia on April 2020. Now we are accelerating the development of contents business in Southeast Asia including 9 franchisee card game shops establishment in Indonesia. We as a leading company will contribute further development of card game market in Southeast Asia.


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