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Wedge Holdings: The Publication of “Toji no miko kizamishi issen no tomoshibi” Art Works

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Wedge Holdings is pleased to announce that we publish “Toji no miko kizamishi issen no tomoshibi” Art works on 25 September 2020. It has more than 300 pages containing card illustrations, backgrounds and setting documents which have come on popular application for smart phone named “Toji no miko kizamishi issen no tomoshibi” up to March 2020.

The “Toji no miko kizamishi issen no tomoshibi” Art works is published by order due 16 August 2020. We received more orders than expected and became a popular topic among users. We are now in process of printing and binding.

Release date: 25 September 2020

Price: 6,600 JPY (including tax)

ISBN: 978-4-904293-54-6

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We will continue to discover various popular entertaining contents including game and animation and develop and deliver “Waku-Doki” products to users. This time, we also announced the publication by order to Asian contents users. The product is truly along with our main measure in the mid-term management plan, we develop various products with interesting contents to the world as an “Anywhere door”. Our group operates the communities for contents users in Facebook and other social media, which have more than 300 thousands users from Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. They also enjoy the product very much.

We have developed products with various entertaining contents including book editing, book publication, and also trading cards. Based on our company’s mission “Fill the world's time with Waku-Doki”, we will continue to warm up the contents industry through our business activities as well as act as the bridge for content holders and users.


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