Wellving Asset Management Calls on Non-Profit Organisations

Osaka, Japan, July 04, 2019 --( Wellving Asset Management are calling all non-profit organizations to contact them for their support.

W.A.M are looking for 2 or 3 charities to sponsor for the foreseeable future.

Vice President Finnagan Meyer had this to say:
"Wellving are looking for the best possible candidates that we can help and sponsor over the coming years. The directors have all agreed an allocation from the profits of the company of around 2% every year. First and foremost, we would like to find a local organization, here, in Japan, after all it is important to give back to the nation that houses W.A.M and allows Wellving to do all the great things it has achieved over the years. After this, we are looking globally and welcome all candidates, but they must be non-profit."

A poll will be held with the staff and clients of Wellving Asset Management, once the choices have been narrowed down to 10 organizations.

Meanwhile, suggestions from anyone will also be welcomed and explored. Due diligence will be conducted by Wellving Asset Managements Human Resource and Marketing department on all applicants and suggestions with results expected to be in for the end of September.

Another generous act from everyone at W.A.M and they will of course keep everyone posted with all developments in this matter.

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