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 WFIC Announces New Logo

MACAO, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The World Film Industry Conference Group announced the official logo of the first World Film Industry Conference (WFIC) on July 27. The WFIC will be held in Los Angeles, the United States and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay in China, respectively, from December 11 to 13, 2022, in a combined online and offline event, themed Dialogue Across the Pacific from Hollywood to Aollywood, and Building a Community of Global Filmmakers.

The logo of the WFIC is inspired by China's auspicious beast, the lion in the Forbidden City, placing its right paw on the planet surrounded by film tape; as the king of the beasts, the lion has a bell hanging from its neck, strong and muscular, incomparably powerful, and imposing. The lion's body has a delicate leaf pattern, which symbolizes authority, auspiciousness, and peace, and further reflects the pursuit of human beauty by filmmakers around the world through film creation, and the spirit of world filmmakers passed down from generation to generation. The logo combines the dynamic design elements and symbolizes the rapid development of the world film industry and the infinite possibilities of the future.

The WFIC has invited the world's representative famous filmmakers, film & television institutions, and international organizations.

On the same day, the WFIC also releases its vision: to promote mutual learning and sharing among peoples and cultures of various countries, to create a "Davos Forum" in the field of world culture, to drive the building of a community of global filmmakers, and to become an important force in maintaining world peace.

Wang Haige, the WFIC BOD chairman, said that the popularity of Chinese films and engagement in cooperation with the international film industry are also regarded as important signs of the country's modernization. An important purpose of holding the World Film Industry Conference is to tell Chinese stories well, spread Chinese voices, and promote the sound development of China's film industry through people-to-people and cultural exchanges with foreign countries. The conference will have a positive impact on demonstrating the achievements of China’s reform, development, and opening up, and implementing a more extensive, wider and deeper round of opening up movement in all aspects.


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