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What is special about Hard Earned Money

Hard Earned MoneyThere was once a man who was very embrassed about his Unemployed son. Once he announced that he will get food only if he earns Rs.100/- and returns home.

Unemployed son's mother silently gave him the money and said, come in the evening and give it to your dad.

Son came home and gave the money to dad. Dad said, do one thing, throw it in the dustbin, and the son threw it. Man understood its not earned with Hard Work.

Next day when his wife was away, Man sent his son away again saying he can get back only when he earns 100 again. Now the Useless Unemployed son had no option. He worked somewhere and earned 100.

When he returned home, man as usual asked him to throw it in the dustbin. Son refused to do it, he felt its his Hard Earned Thing.

Disclaimer: This story is not meant to hurt those returning their Awards.

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