What The Colour Of Your Car Has To Say About You!

Did you know that the colour of the car you drive says some things about you? Your car's colour represents a kind of 'psychological shortcut', giving observers a glimpse of your personality since it represents a window into how you think and what you want others to think about you!

When most people shop for a car, walking into Cars4Us in Cranbourne with making a purchase in mind, they probably don't think much about the colour, just choosing one that suits their fancy. So the next time you buy a car, you might want to consider the message it's colour is sending the outside world! Let's examine what your car's colour might have to say about you!

Black - This is the most popular colour for luxury car models. Suave and sophisticated, yet also powerful, one should note that super-spy James Bond 007 almost always drives a black sports car!

White - This colour denotes elegance and good taste, a pure colour for a successful and well-to-do individual. White is the favourite choice for classic model vehicles transporting the well-to-do and royalty. In a more modern, stylish car, white can lend a kind of clean, futuristic feel- astronauts wear white!

Silver and Grey - Modest, yet of high quality, silver and grey cars are for those who don't care to make a big scene, preferring to be regarded as calm, successful individuals with a touch of class. 

Gold and Yellow - These cheerful, bright colours demonstrate a carefree, confident demeanour, someone who is friendly, fun-loving and just a little flashy.

Green - Green is the colour of the forest and denotes a person who maintains a sense of tranquillity and calm in a busy world and is very likely a nature lover.

Blue - The colour of the sea and sky, blue can be light and airy, or deep and dark depending on the shade. People who drive blue cars are likely to be dependable, 'true-blue' friends you can count on, who are honest and generous, but also have an adventurous streak.

Red - This is a colour that shouts out for attention, which is why they paint fire trucks red! People who drive red cars are likely to be outgoing extroverts with a zest for life they like to share with all they meet. Red also connotes courage and daring, conjuring up individuals like the famed Red Baron.

We are all unique and have our own preferences when it comes to color and we hope the above information helps you to choose a color that suits you.

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