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Whatfix Partners with Local Australian Government Councils To Help Employees Embrace Digital Platforms

Australia-based city councils to implement Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform to help drive digital transformation and provide support for employees to better service and support their local communities

MELBOURNE, Australia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Whatfix, the leader in Digital Adoption Solutions (“DAS”), today announced strategic partnerships with Australian local government, the Moorabool Shire, the City of Canning and the City of South Perth to help the councils effectively onboard, train and support users on any web, desktop and mobile-based applications. This partnership will enable the councils to implement Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) as an overlay on their business applications such as OneCouncil by TechnologyOne™, as well as business systems for employee collaboration, community services, asset management and human resources to improve user adoption of these applications and to enable employees to navigate complexities in software applications without disrupting their existing workflows.

“Whatfix’s partnership with Moorabool Shire, the City of Canning and the City of South Perth is a testament to our commitment to help local governments, councils and PSUs across the Australian continent, and globally, to drive digital transformation success and serve the communities better,” said Khadim Batti, CEO and co-founder of Whatfix. “This partnership will help to meet the specific needs of these councils in their region, allowing them to work closely with their community and customers by providing adequate training, seamless onboarding and drive their digital transformation initiatives.”

Whatfix’s DAP enables local councils to accelerate the adoption of new business systems, and modernise the employee experience on legacy systems by providing in-app guidance to personalise onboarding, training, and support within their enterprise applications.

“Whatfix’s solution will help us to facilitate a faster and more sustainable digital transformation,” said Derek Madden, CEO of Moorabool Shire Council. “Our overall goal is to increase digital adoption and reduce the need for face-to-face training.”

Whatfix’s solution acts as a force multiplier by allowing local councils to derive maximum value from enterprise software without increasing support costs, delivering relevant, always-available assistance that has proven to deliver significant increases in user productivity, reductions in training time and faster time to value for business software.

“We have deployed Whatfix as our digital adoption platform over OneCouncil to empower our employees with digital self-service and to reinforce our change management processes. We went with Whatfix’s interactive process guides pretty quickly and are measuring our user engagement and adoption metrics on OneCouncil through Whatfix’s analytics,” said Neil Allen, Manager 1System at City of Canning.

City of South Perth CEO Geoff Glass said the City is in the process of implementing Whatfix’s DAP to support user adoption, to ensure we can fully realise the benefits of our digital transformation.

“Providing fit for purpose application support to our end users will enable them to self-serve and solve any challenges they are experiencing and ultimately change our systems training model. We are also excited about being able to quickly and easily collect and analyse usage data, which will provide valuable insights into user adoption so we can target our efforts where it counts,” Mr. Glass said.

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Whatfix is a Digital Adoption Solution that disrupts Application Training, Learning, and Support content by providing Contextual, Interactive, Real-Time, and Autonomous user guidance - driving additional adoption and productivity gains. Whatfix has a proven record of increasing employee productivity by 35%, reducing training time and costs by 60%, reducing employee case tickets by 50% and increasing application data accuracy by 20%. Whatfix is based in Melbourne, Sydney, San Jose, San Francisco, Bangalore and London.


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