What’s New in MIUI 7 Based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

MIUI 7 Based on Android 6.0 MarshmallowMIUI 7 Based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow is ready for Public. The update will be out in few days. Let's look at What's New in this pack.

Marshmallow based MIUI is very smooth. You can see some/most of the users are facing force close issues but if you use right app then force close issue is very less/no more. Display is bright even at lower point. Status bar is immersed with almost every app(which supports the miui framework). Image quality is good. Customized menu with more features.

Immersive status bar:
Some of you may use mod for Immersive status bar. Immersive status bar was already there in Kitkat based MIUI too but some/most of the apps doesn't support miui framework. Now almost every app supports the Immersive status bar. You don't/may not need mod for Immersive status bar. It may looks like minor change but its safe.

Better Camera:
As usual camera quality is good in Marshmallow too but its clarity is increased a little bit. More faster when capturing images and shooting normal videos. It gives the true color images. Save the memories of your life exactly as it is. The below image is captured at late night.


In Marshmallow display is more bright. Even at lower point of the slider you can see the content. Major point is this optimization doesn't consumes extra charge/power. Its really good optimization.

Heating & Battery:
Normally the battery consumption is based on the usage of users. Also based on the apps installed in the device. The battery consumption in 3G data lasts almost 5-6 hours. In 2G data it lasts almost 7-8 hours. It may vary based on how you use. Heating is very very less. Even if you use the device when charging its not observed. Sometimes the heating has been observed while using the device when charging but later found the reason that its because of high voltage and wrong circuit. So far heating and battery consumption is optimized well.

Quick Charge:
Marshmallow doesn't affect the Quick charging at any point. You will get the device charged with full charge quick. No need to wait for longtime to charge the device. Quick charging saves the time.

Package installer:
Package installer UI is now looks very simple. You can simply access all the details of the app. All the permissions accessed by the app is listed before you install the app. Also the menu has been customized.

Simplified menu:
Now the menu to upload the file is fully customized. Hereafter no need to struggle to find the file to upload. You can find the file in simple way. All the files will be categorized so its easy to find it. Now the time is yours.

More USB Options:
Choose how you want to connect the USB.
-If you want to only charge the device then you can choose "Charging only" option
-If you want to share only photos then you can choose "Transfer Photos"
-If you want to share all the files then you can choose "Transfer files"
Choose as you wish not for others wish

Ram & Performance:
Its the most important point we have to look. Some/Most of the users may doubt the performance because Marshmallow needs more memory and with MIUI it may lag in performance. RAM consumption is same as in Kitkat based MIUI but the result is, its performance is awesome. No lagging, no force close(with right and compatible app) and perfect for daily use. Around 16 apps were running in the background but no lagging at all. Its really great improvement. Even if you use few more apps also it will not affect the performance.

Get Ready to Rock on MIUI 7 Based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

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