WhatsApp Gold: Another Malware in WhatsApp’s name

WhatsApp goldHave you recently received this message on your Whatsapp groups:

'WhatsApp Gold' was until now used by 'big celebrities' and includes some new features like video calling, ability to send 100 images at once, free calling, ability to change WhatsApp themes and more. The message also says that the 'WhatsApp Gold' is not available to all users and can be installed only via invitation.

If you had received then please don't click on this message or links provided in the message. The link provided in the message is which will takes you to a 404 error page. Once you click on the link then you will be affected by the malware. The app is not available on Apple App store or Google Play store.

Few months back we had heard about another Scam in the name of Whatsapp named "WhatsApp Plus".Many users were affected by this malware.

The company also says that it would never ask its users to upgrade or download another app, over text messages. The company says it would reach its users over official point of contact like emails. We would recommend users to not click on the given link inside the message.

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