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Where is the World�s First Zero Carbon Beauty Company?

TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Oright--Zero carbon is the answer � the only solution to climate change. A growing number of world leaders and governments have been setting goals to reach net zero carbon emissions. At the Climate Ambition Summit in 2020, the United Nations urged leaders to make significant commitments to reduce emissions and adopt plans for transitioning to net zero emissions by 2050. On the global business front, Apple and Facebook have also set bold, clear carbon neutral targets. For O�right, a beauty brand from Taiwan, carbon neutrality has been a clear vision and goal since the very beginning of its sustainable journey ten years ago. Last year, O�right announced its latest milestone: achieving organizational carbon neutrality and carbon neutrality for 77 products as verified by SGS, the world�s leading third-party inspection company. This is the first for the beauty industry, but certainly not the last milestone O�right will reach.

The beginning of O�right�s journey to zero carbon

As global momentum towards carbon neutrality continues to mount, O�right had already begun measuring its carbon footprint in 2010 and went on to introduce the world�s first zero carbon shampoo the following year. The green pioneer may be leading in the race to zero, but its actions do not end there. �Shampoos are fast-moving consumer goods, meaning that they generate carbon emissions during the use phase. This is why we have made it our mission to measure our carbon footprint from the production, delivery and use phase and eliminate all unnecessary chemical ingredients in our green products. This way, the carbon and water footprint generated during hair washing can be greatly reduced. As socially responsible companies, we should all calculate our carbon footprint in order to win the race to zero emissions,� Steven Ko, Chairman of O�right, said.

Taiwanese SME shines on the global stage at climate change conference

The sustainability trailblazer, Ko took the stage at COP25 to share his zero carbon ambitions and commitment to sustainability. O�right is a small company with big ambitions and the power to truly make a difference on climate change. It is a beacon of light for sustainable leadership and makes Taiwan a key driver that leads the global push for climate action and propels businesses forward on climate change.

Charting a path to zero carbon across entire product portfolio

O�right overcame the challenges of calculating carbon footprints � and has been doing it for 10 years. In 2020, dubbed the brand�s �zero carbon year,� the sustainability practitioner celebrated a new milestone while committing to achieve carbon neutrality across its entire product portfolio by 2021. By then, O�right will be the epitome of zero carbon and set global standards for businesses with the same carbon neutral goal. As the battle against climate change continues on, zero carbon needs to be more than just a buzzword. Sustainability is everyone�s responsibility � to building a greener tomorrow and better world for future generations.


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