Why are Optimum doses of Vitamins Needed for Healthy Hair?

It is true that our hair is mostly comprised of dead cells but only after it starts growing from the scalp. Till then, the roots of the hair under the follicles are very much like a small tree and it needs all the minerals and nutrients to survive and thrive well. Those who aim for long and lustrous hair must have a good intake of vitamins and minerals and although they can be very easily obtained from our food sources, a multivitamin every once in a while can surely help. After all, there are vitamins and minerals that ultimately responsible for the overall health of our body, and strong and lustrous hair can only be achieved if one is not plagued by problems like hair loss, hair breakage and dryness of scalp or dandruff issues.

Almost all the vitamins are needed by the human body in some capacity for good hair. Vitamin A is needed to strengthen the hair roots while Vitamin C and E are rich sources of antioxidants and prevent ageing, in this case, prevent the graying of hair and prevents premature breakage. Vitamin C also helps in preventing free radical damage and if the free radicals grow unchecked, then they might adversely affect hair growth. It also helps in the production of collagen and that is needed for new cell generation, resulting in long and strong hair.

Those who suffer from acute hair loss, also known as alopecia, often suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin D and it has been seen that Vitamin D can help in the generation of new follicles, even after one has experienced severe hair loss from a particular patch in the scalp. It would be a good idea to increase the intake of Vitamin D through supplements if one is suffering from such condition. Vitamin B, and all the vitamins of the B group, have also been known to cause hair loss, through the reason might differ from person to person. To get these vitamins for hair, one can opt for supplements and multivitamins from Purayati, who are one of the most reputed brands of supplements in India and have been known to be highly affective. Women who desire long and strong hair and spend a good deal of time tending to their hair through hair treatments, might often find that all these procedures and treatments are also not enough to get the desired results. They could be suffering from a vitamin deficiency and a supplement a day for a couple of months could greatly improve the problem.

Apart from the vitamins, minerals like zinc, iron, and most importantly protein is required for the growth of long and lustrous hair. However, the amount of the minerals should be just right or an overdose of the minerals could also have an adverse affect. It is a good idea to rely on natural sources for the minerals as they tend to provide the best results and also get easily absorbed into the system.

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