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Why are you climbing the tree?

Here it is: A cow is (very calmly and methodically) climbing a tree. Seated on one of the branches of this tree is a crow. The crow watches the cow's progress with some consternation for a while, and finally decides to initiate a dialogue.

Crow: Hey, cow!
Cow (very calmly): What?
Crow: What are you doing?
Cow (very calmly): What does it look like I'm doing? I'm climbing the tree.
Crow: Yes, well, I can see that you're climbing the tree, but why are you climbing the tree?
Cow: What do you mean, why? I want to have some apples.
Crow: Apples? Have you lost it, cow? This is a birch tree! And it's the middle of winter! Where are you going to get apples?
Cow: Chill, dude, I have them right here with me.

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