Why London�s “Food for Life” Needs Your Help to Feed the Homeless

London, United Kingdom, February 17, 2019 --( Come rain or snow thousands of Londoners in need are getting a hot meal throughout the year thanks to "Food For Life" � a project which has been feeding the homeless for over 20 years in London.

Smiles and heartfelt gratitude of the hungry keeps this noble service going. It is run solely by the help of volunteers and a humble handy van. However, with the van coming to the end of its life, the meals on wheels are sadly at risk. They need your help to continue driving this mission to help the needy.

�15,000 in donations is needed for a new van for Food For Life and the support of well-wishers will make this happen. The donations will mean:

- Hungry Londoners will get a free nutritious meal every evening six days a week
- Approximately 30,000 hot meals a year will continue to get served
- Amazing volunteers who take out time after work will get to help smoothly with a well working new van
- The legacy to bring peace and prosperity to the needy through the distribution of karma-free vegetarian meals will continue

This London-based activity is part of the "Hare Krishna Food for Life" project � the world's largest vegetarian non-profit food relief organization, providing over 2 million free meals daily globally. This supported by the ISKCON-London Radha Krishna Temple in Soho.

Loaded with delicious food, the Food for Life van sets off to greet queues of people eagerly waiting to be served. People get to enjoy a scrumptious blend of rice, lentils and vegetables, accompanied with mouth-watering cake, salad and a hot drink. The volunteers distribute the meals with a smile and greet receivers with the phrase "Hare Krishna" � representing unconditional love and service.

The Food for Life project was initially inspired by the founder of the Hare Krishna movement, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. In 1974 when watching a group of village children fighting with dogs over scraps of food, the Swami became upset and told his students, "No one within ten miles of a temple should go hungry... I want you to immediately begin serving food."

It has continued ever since. And funds will mean that it continues to do so in 2019. Join in and be a part of this worthy cause.

To support visit:

Every contribution, no matter how large or small, will make a difference.

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