Wireless Charging: Is it really Wireless? Is it worth?

wireless chargingWireless charging has been Recently Introduced for High End Mobile phones, and people are preferring it because of the Ease it creates for the users. Well lets look at a little history about this tech.

Wireless charging as a concept has been around since inventor and physicist Nikola Tesla first concluded that you could transfer power between two objects via an electromagnetic field.
Wireless charging can be considered synonymous to a transformer, where one winding is excited by a source and the other winding receives the power via electromagnetic waves and somewhat recreates the power sources, but without phyical electrical connection.

Essentially, wireless charging uses a loop of coiled wires around a bar magnet � which is known as an inductor. When an electric current passes through the coiled wire, it creates an electromagnetic field around the magnet, which can then be used to transfer a voltage, or charge, to something nearby. Like I its like a transformer, but just a flat one.

Induction chargers use an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field from within a charging base, and a second induction coil in the portable device takes power from the electromagnetic field and converts it back into electric current to charge the battery. Wireless charging can be done in two ways

  • Pairing the Devices with their charing mats based on Resonance between the 2 coils.
  • Aligning the 2 coils appropriately for the induction to work.A simple Illustration showing how it works

Pros and Cons:-
As we are all aware, that every coin has 2 sides, we can safely say that even the wireless charging has its own Pros and Cons. Lets have a look

Hassle Free and Corrosion Resistant
Higher Durability

Inefficient (only 65-70% Efficiency)
Slower Charging

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