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Wiz.io Tackling Cloud Security in the Container Security Sector

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Wiz.io is revolutionizing cloud security through advanced, easily integrated container security solutions, offering a new level of protection in the digital realm. Container security is the process or method of sealing digital sections with security measures.

Virtualization has been adopted across various industries and there is more than one method of storing a company’s data and engine online, with containers and virtual machines leading the fray. However, while virtual machines offer a higher level of isolation, containers are a more lightweight and resource-friendly option which makes it more suitable for companies of all sizes.

Of the seven challenges of container security that Wiz.io has identified, counter-measures have also been implemented by the company to enhance the integrity of those security containers which exist in the cloud.

Blind spots can be difficult to tackle because containers are dynamic and can be vulnerable to runtime threats. That means that security teams always have to be on their toes when monitoring to ensure that they do not overlook any container. Having a robust monitoring system can ensure consistent visibility, which is what Wiz aspires to provide their clients with.

Wiz is able to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities automatically through updating databases and verifying configurations. Paired with a deep understanding of the technology behind containers, Wiz has created a security solution that is both efficient and secure.

It is important to embed security in all stages of the container environment in order to ensure that it is fully secure. This is called ‘shift left’, and it helps assist in identifying any vulnerabilities or security issues from the get-go instead of discovering a blind spot later on, which can be harder to address.

Wiz has also worked hard to comply with industry regulations on top of developing a security system that is robust enough to take on multi-tenant environments that share the same infrastructure as their containers. While this increases the quality of streamlining, it opens doors to potential security risks, which is why Wiz makes it a point to ensure that there are strong isolation measures in place to prevent unauthorized tenants from accessing certain containers or data.



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